A Rhetorical Examination of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Unknown

 Essay on the Rhetorical Analysis of the A dozen Steps of Alcoholics Private

Alcoholics Unknown (A. A. ) is a worldwide fellowship for individuals to share their encounters, and to gain strength and support from a single another in order to recover from alcoholism. A. A. is based upon a 14 Step system to recovery that provides a personal guide to sobriety. Countless individuals discover their sobriety in this volunteer fellowship, actually many discover the 12 Steps to be their personal miracle; this really is eloquently articulated in Understanding the Twelve Actions: Working the Steps can make the miraculous of sobriety, but the wonder isn't magic. The magic occurs mainly because working the Twelve Methods allows people to use strong principles of recovery. Those who are willing to burrow beneath the surface and genuinely understand the concepts upon which the Steps are based are better able to use the rules in their lives (Gorski, 1989, p. 2). To state what Terence T. Gorski has expressed, those who are ready to truly take up and ‘work' the 14 Steps have the persuasive nature of one of the most powerfully rhetorical texts of modern society1

To get perspective about this very not familiar rhetorical text, I recognized an invite to attend an open A. A. meeting as being a guest. Before entering this meeting I actually underestimated and misunderstood Kenneth Burke's complex notion of rhetoric as being a phenomenon dependant on audience self-persuasion. I joined the meeting with this simplified notion of rhetoric at heart. I incorrectly expected to knowledge individual alcoholics express all their personal gratitude to the A dozen Steps for his or her healing and sobriety. However , in competitors I experienced a fellowship, one exactly where numerous individuals are able to understand and reiterate each other's success and failures, struggles together with the Twelve Steps and most importantly, they talk about utmost honor for the honest and supportive community created throughout the Twelve Measures. While my personal first comprehension of Burkean unsupported claims is true, I ignorantly had not understood the power of a group voice. Furthermore, Burke emphasizes that terms are only properly persuasive if they " speak the language with the voice within. ” Marketing is only complete when an audience member convinces himself or perhaps herself of what has become said by others”(Burke in Borchers, 06\, p. 151). This encounter reminds me of the African saying: It takes a village to make a child; it will require the ordinaire fellowship of your. A. pertaining to the Twelve Steps to rhetorically foster powerful sobriety intended for so many individuals.

With this I am able to understand that discourse of any emblematic form requires rhetorical action as the means for an individual to link oneself to a different and to ordinaire social environments. The A. A. culture that embraces the A dozen Steps of Alcoholics Confidential does merely this, that weaves jointly a number of individuals battling alcohol dependency forming a collective; " It is a important means whereby we generate identification- what Burke at times calls ‘consubstantiation, ' where identification is usually achieved by using a sharing with the ‘substance' (the terms, this is potentials) of text” (Stillar, 1998, p. 6). I actually liken Jordan Halloran's theory of ‘spectacle' with Burke's theory of ‘substance; ' Halloran explains ‘spectacle' because, " a public gathering of people who have found witness several event and they are self-consciously present to each other along with whatever it can be that has brought them together” (Halloran, 2001, p. 5). With this in mind, when it comes to this research let us understand A. A meetings as a ‘spectacle' exactly where members of the A. A fellowship collectively understand the ‘substance' of the 14 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Identification through and with this rhetorical text, the one that is a public substance, helps each individual being stronger within their sobriety with each other as a fellowship, than she or he is able to be apart.

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