A Study upon Customer Satisfaction Toward MRF Tires in Bagalkot

 A Study about Customer Satisfaction Towards MRF Auto tires in Bagalkot Essay




The main object of each and every organization should be to earn more profit, to accomplish this object the business should boost its product sales by getting more customer plus the only method to get more client is that the corporation should offer expected fulfillment to the buyers. Here the word customer satisfaction means " the utility which will customer expect from the product” and when a customer get predicted utilities it really is called since customer satisfaction.

MRF manufactures the greatest range of tires in India and likes the highest company preference pertaining to superior quality, business manufactures the greatest range of tires in India and is the market leader with all the largest business it tyre industry.

As 1984 MRF tyres features consistently been chosen since oem fit by almost every major car manufacturer in India in addition to tyres MRF also manufacturer conveyor devices, pretreads and advanced polyurethane material paints. In this article every customer of MRF is getting pleasure and it may well analyzed by the following data • MRF own No . 1 merit for customer satisfaction by J. D Power Asia pacific cycles for 2001& 2002 • It is also made good name brand in other countries also, and it is the first American indian company to export tyres to the US, the very birthplace of tyre technology. It is the first firm in India to manufacture and market Nylon tires passenger tires commercially.

• MRF is providing many products to the consumer as per the need and need. • They supply more warranties to the clients and it will demonstrates the company has confident upon its product.

So as per the above data it found that the customer satisfaction towards MRF tyres is good


Revenue earning is now one of the significant objectives of each company.

It is quite easy to entice new customers although retaining old customer is too difficulty the particular satisfied buyer will remain devoted to the company brands.

A person gets into a showroom when he would like to purchase tyres, but before getting tyres this individual consults numerous persons regarding tyre. Really like about price, quality, service and many others, and then this individual make decision to purchase.

If perhaps he detects any problem with tyres, he might change his positive frame of mind into negative attitude towards tyres given by the showroom.

Considering, all above details, I have made a decision " To examine the Customers Satisfaction towards MRF Tyres in Bagalkot”.


A customer is not determined by us our company is dependent on consumer, this assertion is basis thing for each and every firm or service sector.

Objectives are:

1 . To know the customer satisfaction toward MRF tyres in Bagalkot city. installment payments on your To know the attributes which in turn creates client satisfaction among MRF tyre users in Bagalkot. 3. To be aware of the pleasure level of the customer with the MRF tyres. 5. To know valuable suggestion constitute the customer.



The study can be purely based upon the study conducted in Bagalkot city and has focused on customers. The study addresses the information about the mind arranged which may differs from situation & where the respondents may not be capable of give necessary and accurate information.


1 . Due to respondents busy schedules, the interests displayed by participants to answer the questionnaire could possibly be less. This could have resulted in collecting erroneous information.

installment payments on your Due to as well as cost restriction the test size picked is 95.

3. The selected sample size is small as compared to the total number of shoppers. Hence the obtained effect may not be exact as it may not represent the entire population.

some. The project is wide open for further improvement of the operate.


Literature Assessment...

Bibliography: To complete this kind of project I use referred the following books:





The corporation has was Himalayan level in the tyre industry. This grabbed most of the prestigious accolades in the crucial areas like production, customer satisfaction, exports and much more.

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