Comparison Essay Mozart's Lacrimosa vs Evanescence Lacrymosa

 Comparison Essay Mozart’s Lacrimosa vs Evanescence Lacrymosa

Classical Composers are untouchable; the music they may have composed is able to " speak” to music lovers of different cultures and time periods. The techniques they used just help form the best music of our period. Throughout the years, artists of different genres have done variations of classical items. Sometimes the variations are just in the background with different instruments, or perhaps tempo, whilst other times the piece is completely remixed. A number of popular variations are The Fifth of Mozart by Walter Murphy, a variation of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, Graduation (Friends Forever) simply by Vitamin C, which uses Pachelbel's Rule in M, and I Can easily by Em a variety of Beethoven's Pelt Elise. Lacrymosa by Evanescence is another variant that uses Lacrimosa by Mozart's requiem. Being via different time periods the instrumentation Evanescence uses to embellish the piece makes it more contemporary by fitting it in to the rock genre.

Mozart constructed his Requiem Mass in D Minor in Vienna in 1791. Due to a health problem that brought on his fatality, Mozart was unable to end Lacrimosa. Thankfully, one of his pupils Franz Xaver SГјssmayr was able to finish it intended for him. Lacrimosa is a sorrowful dissonant part about death. Violins start the piece my introducing the beweggrund repeated often times to build pressure. In the background of violins are violas and cellos playing the same records but augmented in a syncopated rhythm. Following the second time the beweggrund is repeated, the pendre enters completely at veicolo piano creating homophony. The dissonant harmonies continue to put darkness, and somberness for the music. Then simply both strings and the chorus have a subito piano. With the addition of instruments, the orchestra crescendos in accented remarks creating the initial climax and ending in a timpini rumble. After the timpani rumble there is another subito piano, followed by and unpredicted subito forte after a handful of measures. You start to notice that it can be no longer homophonic because the transitoire and tenors...

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