Boscastle Floods

 Boscastle Massive amounts Essay

The Boscastle flood of 2004 occurred upon Monday, 18 August 2005 in the two villages of Boscastle and Crackington Haven in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. The towns suffered considerable damage after flash massive amounts caused by an excellent amount of rain that fell more than eight several hours that afternoon. The overflow in Boscastle was filmed and substantially reported but the floods in Crackington Haven and Rocky Valley were not mentioned further than the local media. The surges were the worst in local memory. A study commissioned by the Environment Agency from hydraulics asking firm HOURS Wallingford figured it was one of the most extreme ever experienced in Britain. The height flow involved 140 mВі/s, between 5: 00pm and 6: 00pm BST. The annual potential for this (or a greater) flood in different one year is approximately 1 in 400. The probability each year of the largest three-hour rainfall is about you in 1300 (although rainfall probability is usually not the same as flood probability). By midday around the 16th Aug 2004, weighty thundery baths had created across the The west due to a weak hindrance to the northeast of the British isles.[1]

The last period Boscastle had suffered noteworthy flooding is at 1996 resulting from Hurricane Lili, but floods are noted in 1847, 1957, 3 June 1958 (one person drowned) and 1963. About 16 August 1952 the tiny town of Lynmouth, 50 miles (80 km) north-east along the north coast in Devon close to Exmoor, endured extensive destruction in a devastating flood, by which 34 people lost their lives. Coincidentally, this was 52 years towards the day ahead of Boscastle's 2005 flood.

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