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Lenovo was found in 1984 in Beijing and it is the world's second-largest COMPUTER vendor. In line with the last established statistic, Lenovo consolidated yield of 146. 6 billion Yuan and Lenovo utilizes nearly forty five, 000 people. Lenovo is a well-known national brand in China and Lenovo can be serving consumers in more than 160 countries. In order to expand overseas business and usage of world-class company, Lenovo carried out an acquisition of the former APPLE Personal Computer Division in 2005. IBM was founded in 1911 in the United States and it is the greatest information technology and business solutions company in the world, currently recieve more than 30 million employees in the world, with operations in over 160 countries and regions. The problems experienced by simply Lenovo issues the construction of cross-cultural teams. Most of the combination and purchase fail in the post-merger ethnical integration. Lenovo set up function teams to get designing the continuing future of IBM and developing the new view following acquisition. The results have been shown this uneasy and can lead to the failure of the Lenovo's acquisition strategy. At the start of the acquisition, cultural variations had not been enough anticipated inside the acquisition process. And Lenovo wants to treatment the problem as soon as possible to make IBM acquisition successful in the next strategy.

The record part of the strategy


This report is supposed to identify, illustrate and offer some approaches to Lenovo to resolve the problems regarding teams and groups inside the acquisition of the IBM. This report will certainly describe problems associated with team building, provides a lot of possible alternatives and evaluates each of these. And, this survey will identify the impact of cultural dissimilarities on the establishment of work teams. Actually, Lenovo had used some measures, but it with little achievement. According to the current state of Lenovo, this report gives some ideas and methods to overcome or avoid the conflict caused by cultural differences make up powerful cross-cultural groups. Especially, these solutions derive from literature for the issue. It concludes that it can be necessary for the corporation to establish powerful and suitable measures to get rid of the boundaries in cross-cultural teams, since absence of this could threaten you’re able to send long-term advancement. To overcome the problem, Lenovo should take the follow action for APPLE survival: 5. Obtain the primary values among Chinese personnel and American employees via an internal study. * Style an international training program for all the personnel and especially pertaining to managers. 2. Incorporate both equally corporate civilizations of Lenovo and IBM to create a fresh corporate tradition. * Just about every cross-culture crew should arrange monthly appointment or weekly meeting to gauge the progress of sales and marketing communications and function. * Set up some in house non-working actions to create more opportunities to get the communication among personnel with different ethnic context. 5. Set up the special teams to deal with the problem caused by ethnical difference atlanta divorce attorneys cross-cultural team. Introduction

It of business plan will bring in the problems caused by cultural differences in cross-cultural teams and give several suggestions to overcome the issues. In the purchase of IBM, Lenovo accepted more than 10, 1000 employees plus it means that Lenovo accepted a really different culture. Lenovo is not only facing right after between traditional western and eastern culture, yet also Lenovo facing the difficulties of how to integrate the teams with different organisationally cultural context. With this report, the recommendations to overcome the down sides in cross-cultural teams and groups derive from the books on team building and cross-cultural team managing.


At the outset of the acquisition of IBM, Lenovo had considered some steps. For example , to be able to both sides can...

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