CARE USA case study

 CARE USA case study Dissertation



Case study

BA 550

Spring 2013

Document Partitions

I. Presumptions

II. Concerns Faced by simply CARE USA

a. Poor Organizational Structure

b. Downsizing donors' pool

c. Poor Advertising Strategy

III. Solutions


a. A Geographic Organizational Composition

b. Produce a New Marketing campaign

c. Develop a New Devotion Program

IV. Implementation

V. References

My spouse and i. Assumptions

a. 1 . Let me assume the organizational structure continues to be while the one mentioned in the case. a. 2 . I will assume that at this time in time, the primary marketing strategy of the organization includes what have been discussed in case provided. In other words, the company is currently using the Direct-Mail strategy to get in touch with donors. You will discover no various other direct promoting actions executed. a. several. I will assume that there are various other advertising activities such as ads and street pictures getting used. The case does not talk about any marketing on television and also the Internet. I will assume you will discover no digital advertising activities implemented. a. 4. I will assume we could 2013 and the company is attempting to improve within one full year. a. five. I will assume there is infinite budget to do promotional activities. a. 6. The people showcased in the Direct-Mail letters and brochures are generally not celebrities. a. 7. The business has a operating and effective website.

a. 8. All other departments are efficient and effectively working. a. 9. There are no money limits about donations.

a. 10. The sole donor category targeted is a " suspicious progressive”. Therefore all other potential donors outside such category defined in the case are omitted from advertising activities.

II. Issues Faced by simply CARE UNITED STATES

a. Poor organizational framework

As a major international nonprofit firm, the first issues TREATMENT is facing are the ethnical differences between countries. These are prohibiting the creation of a concrete brand image. Political and economical problems are putting obstacles towards the development of a committed and united business. There were a lot of difficulties for the implementation with the new logo. As the situation states, in countries like Japan, and Australia, the emblem was not made welcome with available arms. In Australia, the colors used for the logo picked were mistaken for colors which represents aborigines in the country. As for The japanese, the course of the hands and the logo itself was somehow comparable to Buddha, which was considered attacking. The majority of the company sources of support come from the United States of America government and public. The provided $223 million out of your $336 , 000, 000 that was reported about FY2002. The fact that the US is the president and significant source of earnings and source of support with the organization creates a politically out of balance structure, provided the dominance of TREATMENT USA. This unbalance explains the rationale when deciding the emblem and tagline of the organization.

w. The donors' pool can be shrinking

According to CARE UNITED STATES External Relations Department, the FY2003 lively donor human population consists of 277, 236. This sort of number has become decreasing over time since 1999 when there was a base of 397, 1000 active donors. As stated in the case, the donors' pool shrinking is not only about the lack of acquisitions of recent donors, although also the failure to retain donors. The corporation is lacking a dedication program or maybe a post-sale interaction with the buyer that will strengthen the brand and definitely will encourage people to continue to contribute to the same organization.

c. Poor Advertising Technique

The marketing and advertising activities are ineffective. The application of direct advertising is inadequate in reaching the target market along with ineffective when you get donations. The Direct-Mail technique has not achieved the main goal of the business of purchasing and maintaining donors. As stated in the case, contributor must be knowledgeable about ATTENTION in order...

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