Chemistry Notes

 Essay about Chemistry Remarks

Chapter 6th practice


1 ) The method for acetic acid, CH3CO2H, can be an example of a(n) a. |condensed formula.

w. |mathematical formula.

c. |structural formula.

deb. |molecular solution.


OBJ: Target #3. 1: Interpret, predict, and publish formulas pertaining to ionic and molecular ingredients

3. Which in turn of the subsequent statements will be correct?

1 ) |Metals generally lose bad particals to become cations.

2 . |Nonmetals generally gain electrons to become anions.

3. |Group 2A metals type ions with a 2+ charge.

a. |1 only

w. |2 just

c. |3 only

d. |1, 2, and a few

ANS: Deb

OBJ: Objective #3. 1: Interpret, predict, and write formulas pertaining to ionic and molecular compounds

5. What charge is most commonly seen for an oxide ion?

a. |3-

b. |2-

c. |1-

d. |1+


OBJ: Goal #3. 1: Interpret, foresee, and compose formulas intended for ionic and molecular substances

7. What is the solution for magnesium (mg) oxide?

a. |MgO

b. |Mg2O

c. |MgO2

m. |Mg2O3


OBJ: Goal #3. 1: Interpret, predict, and write formulations for ionic and molecular compounds

almost eight. What is the formula intended for aluminum chloride?

a. |AlCl

b. |AlCl2

c. |AlCl3

d. |Al2Cl3


OBJ: Goal #3. 1: Interpret, anticipate, and compose formulas intended for ionic and molecular chemical substances

10. Precisely what is the method for lead(IV) sulfate?

a. |PbS

b. |Pb(SO3)2

c. |PbSO4

m. |Pb(SO4)2

ANS: DOBJ: Aim #3. 2: Name ingredients

11. Precisely what is the term of Mg(OH)2?

a. |magnesium oxide

b. |magnesium dihydroxide

c. |magnesium hydroxide

g. |magnesium(II) hydroxide

ANS: COBJ: Goal #3. 2: Brand compounds

doze. What is the name of KHCO3?

a. |hydrogen carbonate potassium ion

b. |potassium hydrogen co2 trioxide

c. |potassium bicarbonate

d. |potassium hydrocarbonate

ANS: COBJ: Objective #3. two: Name substances

14. What is the name of Cu2S?

a. |copper sulfide

n. |copper(I) sulfide

c. |copper(II) sulfide

m. |dicopper sulfide

ANS: BOBJ: Goal #3. 2: Term compounds

17. What is the most popular name intended for NH3?

a. |ammonia

m. |nitrogen trihydride

c. |trihydrogen nitride

m. |ammonium

ANS: AOBJ: Target #3. a couple of: Name compounds

ANS: BOBJ: Goal #3. 3: Understand the properties of ionic compounds

19. Determine the skin moles present in twelve. 5 g CaCO3.

a. |0. 105 mol

m. |0. 410 mol

c. |9. 53 mol

deb. |1. 05 Вґ 103 mol

ANS: AOBJ: Goal #3. four: Calculate and use large molar mass

20. Determine the mass of 0. three hundred and fifty mol Na3PO4.

a. |2. 14 Вґ 10-3 g

b. |0. 0174 g

c. |57. 4 g

d. |163. 9 g

ANS: COBJ: Goal #3. 4: Calculate and use molar mass

21. Just how many oxygen atoms are in zero. 20 g CO2?

a. |2. four Вґ 1023 oxygen atoms

b. |2. 7 Вґ 1021 o2 atoms

c. |5. 5 Вґ 1021 oxygen atoms

d. |1. 2 Вґ 1023 o2 atoms

ANS: COBJ: Aim #3. 5: Calculate and use molar mass

twenty-two. What is the mass percent of o2 in lactic acid, CH3CO2H? a. |26. 64%

b. |46. 71%

c. |53. 29%

d. |73. 36%


OBJ: Goal #3. 5: Compute the percent composition for the compound and derive remedies from fresh data

3. Toluene is composed of 91. 25% C and 8. 74% H. Determine the scientific formula for toluene. a. |CH

m. |CH3

c. |C4H5

g. |C7H8


OBJ: Goal #3. 5: Determine the percent composition for the compound and derive remedies from fresh data

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