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Negotiation: the Chinese style

Tony adamowicz Fang

University of Organization, Stockholm School, Stockholm, Laxa, sweden

Abstract Goal – To measure the nature of Oriental business settling style in Sino-Western business negotiations in business-to-business markets involving large industrial tasks from a social cultural point of view. Design/methodology/approach – A conceptual strategy developed from personal interviews. Findings – This examine reveals the Chinese arbitrator peacemaker does not have an absolute negotiating style but rather embraces a variety of different jobs together: " Maoist bureaucrat in learning”, " Confucian gentleman”, and " Sun Tzu-like strategist”. The Oriental negotiating technique is essentially a mixture of cooperation and competition (termed as the " coop-comp” negotiation strategy in this study). Trust may be the ultimate indication of Chinese negotiating propensities and position choices. Study limitations/implications – The focus of the study is usually on Chinese language negotiating design shown in large B2B negotiations with Chinese SOEs. Originality/value – Differing by most other studies on China negotiating style which tend to depict the Chinese arbitrator peacemaker as either sincere or deceptive, this study points out that the way to find an inbuilt paradox in Chinese settling style which will reflects the Yin Yang thinking. The Chinese negotiator has a social capacity to make a deal both seriously and deceptively and they changes coping strategies according to condition and framework, all depending on level of trust between settling partners. Keywords China, National cultures, Settling, Management abilities, International business Paper type Research newspaper

An business summary for managers can be found the end of this article. The People's Republic of China (PRC) has come about as one of the many dynamic factors in the global economy (Lardy, 2002; Nolan, 2001; Panitchpakdi and Clifford, 2002). Throughout the 1990s, US$300 billion overseas direct expenditure (FDI) traveled to China. In 2002, China and tiawan overtook the USA as the world's major FDI recipient (China Daily, 2003; Kynge, 2003). In 2003, the FDIs in China possess increased by simply US$53. your five billion in 2003. Today, some five-hundred, 000 foreigninvested enterprises which includes further than four hundred large companies of Fortune 500 with numerous large projects and establishments are operating in China and tiawan, now known as " the...

Citations: Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 21/1 (2006) 50– 60 q Emerald Group Publishing Limited [ISSN 0885-8624] [DOI 10. 1108/08858620610643175]


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