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1 . 0Executive Summary a couple of

2 . 0Introduction 2

a few. 0Managing Turmoil in the Changing Scenarios three or more

3. 1Internal Stakeholders3

a few. 2External Stakeholders4

4. 0Short-term Strategies5

5. 1The Visit of the Spokesperson5

4. 2Roles and Responsibilities of the Spokesperson5

4. 3The War Space 6

4. 4The Management Team6

some. 5Employee Share Option System 6

four. 6Insider Trading Policy6

your five. 0Long Term Strategy7

five. 1Audit Function7

5. 2Collusion among A lot of Members 7

5. 3No Small Credits 7

a few. 4Legal Division 7

five. 5Personal Morality & Integrity 8

6th. 0Conclusion almost eight


1 . 0Executive Summary:

This report protects the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) investigation of HealthSouth's bogus activities and the impact of those activities for the company's internal and external stakeholders. Specifically the report outlines the crisis administration strategies the company undertook plus the shortcomings with the strategies. Last but not least the statement provides an alternative crisis managing strategy. installment payments on your 0Introduction:

HealthSouth, one of the greatest integrated – health companies in the United States, was at the peak of its progress and achievement in 2001. It gained a spot inside the prestigious Bundle of money 500 companies ranking as well as the revenue acquired just touched 4 billion mark. However things had taken a switch for adverse, On Sept 17, 2002, company management were educated that the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) was performing an investigation into the trading of HealthSouth's securities. The exploration was rapidly followed by a great jury issuing subpoenas to many employees. On March 19, 2003, and HealthSouth's common stock was delisted from your New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Due to the brought on there were unfavorable externalities on both the internal and external stakeholders of the organization. The interior stakeholders with the organization, employees and the investors filed a lawsuit against the company's employee stock title program. The external stakeholders, the U. S. Section of Into the Human Providers launched a study into medical billing in HealthSouth about April 10, 2003. Based upon the evidence that some professionals participated in a scheme to control Medicare reimbursements, medical doctors started disassociating themselves with the organization. To deal with the crisis, HealthSouth hired a Houston law practice, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP and also designated a special panel to review the situation. As a result of the fraud, HealthSouth and its older management incurred substantial costs. HealthSouth was required to pay civil fines by the SEC and needed to contract a great investigative advisor. The company's elderly management had been tried and located guilty in both municipal and lawbreaker courts. Additionally, some older managers had been jailed or perhaps lost their particular professional permit. 3. 0Managing Crisis inside the Changing Scenarios

With the exponential growth of HealthSouth Corporation, the challenges the organization is facing have also cultivated tremendously. The corporation now has several stakeholders and its actions are under increased scrutiny. Pertaining to the turmoil management strategy to be effective it must address the internal and external stakeholders, and do so in a way builds trust and produces support for the company. When confronted with current catastrophe management's ineffectiveness has been subjected and all the stakeholders took a critical posture. In order to reduce this situation the company needs to develop a communication strategy that works with a variety of different stakeholders that all have different interests, focus, logics and values. These stake holders can be split up into two types i. electronic. internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. a few. 1Internal Stakeholders


Personnel of HealthSouth Corporation can be categorized since the...

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