Czechoslovakia Ahead of World Warfare I

 Czechoslovakia Just before World War I Essay

Just before World Conflict One, Czechoslovakia was not a country. The area of land that became Czechoslovakia was the disposition of Austria-Hungary prior to 1918. Austria-Hungary was located in central Europe and was the second largest country in Europe, second only to Russia. It is also the next most populous country in Europe forwent by Spain and Indonesia. In 1900, the population of Austria-Hungary was 45. a couple of million and 1914, right before World Battle One, the population was 52. 5 , 000, 000.

This empire was composed of Austria, Hungary and also other small countries that came jointly to form among the largest Euro empires. It had been ruled by the Austrian government, the Hungarian government and common international and military policy within the monarch. The monarch's common government experienced responsibility pertaining to the military, the navy, foreign insurance plan and the traditions union. Overlapping responsibilities between Austria, Hungary and the monarch caused chaffing in the nation.

The capital of the Austria-Hungary Empire is a city of Vienna, located almost directly on the border among Austria and Hungary, putting it really central location. With modernization increasingly growing in Austria-Hungary, obviously this development centered around Vienna, it is major city. Budapest, another main city within the Austria-Hungary Empire, was a key town for transact. Austria a new lot of coastline which helped it control with many Mediterranean countries and Hungary's usage of the Danube was important for trade. The southeast portion of Hungary was perfect for harvesting wheat and Hungarian farming was centered around this location.

Austria's economy really took off in the late 18th hundred years, during the Dual Monarchy. Hungary's economy seriously didn't take off until the nineteenth century. Although both countries had thriving economies, we were holding still in back of compared to the other powers.

As Austria-Hungary grew, therefore did it is rail transportation. Between 1879 and 1900 over 25, 000 kms of rail were...

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