English language: Second Language and Old Man

 Essay about English: Second Language and Old fart

п»їA Different Record - Sujata Bhatt

Another type of History

Sujata Bhatt

Synopsis: В The poet here discusses the influences of colonization or globalization for that matter. Whatever the case she details a sudden difference in the way society thinks and just how we should try to preserve it. She also discusses the loss of culture that comes with the positive effect and the decrease of part of each of our history even as reject the teachings from the old lifestyle and of the old traditions. It could be for that reason that your woman decided to term the poemВ A Different History.

Significant graceful devices and the significance (eg: Metaphors, symbols, rhyme structure, form, images, repetition… etc) Structure primarily based analysis

1 ) В В В В В В В Note lines 9 to 14 and see the indentations of the lines. " This can be a sin to shove a book aside

along with your foot, a sin to slam ebooks down

hard on a stand,

a trouble to throw one thoughtlessly

across a room”


Note that the poet has done this purposely to accentuate the action described. Similar to when you kick a book, the word suddenly alterations to the right, as if you have kicked it into that position. In a similar manner when you throw a book hard on a table or throw it thoughtlessly across the room you move the book, even though perhaps much less far in case you had kicked it, hence the exaggerated indentation in the first range.

2 .        Similarly, the whole of the second stanza is indented. This shows maybe a form of constraint or segregation between the two. a.        The first stanza represents the ones unaffected simply by globalization plus the western world. People who taken care of their " original” traditions. b.       The second stanza represents those who chose to migrate and are guaranteed to or favour the expatriate or worldwide or american culture. Note that although the degree of indentation differs, the border is the same. This means that the other stanza features less ‘line space'. This perhaps can address the issue that the thinking about the next generation is narrower and less open minded. In addition, it shows just how little in breath they know about their society and their heritage, specifically one while rich as India. 3.        Assonance. This means that we can locate internal syllables rhyming together. Note the word " book”, " foot”, " room”, " wood”, " swooping”. The significance from it being that maybe with globalization, you still preserve some of the heritage, which will still enables you to be saved. Note how the four " oo” seems can be found in the first stanza, while the last one is simply found at the conclusion. Perhaps this is used while an index showing your standard of knowledge of the past. Similarly, it can mean that you never truly truly forget your culture, but most likely lose a lttle bit or bear in mind little, no matter how much you are motivated by globalization, colonization or one of those –izations. Especially in spots like America, a lot of the Asians are Westernised, but keep parts of their particular heritage in, perhaps just like eating Chinese food or something. four.        Free verse.

a. В В В В В В В This demonstrates the simple fact that the composition is a totally free and is essentially used to vent out the poet's opinions around the matter. Your woman perhaps is saying that her opinion is owned by her and she only wishes to express them on the world. The girl could perhaps become saying that she actually is not correct, nor is the lady saying that the positive effect is actually a bad point. b. В В В В В В On the other hand, she could possibly be saying that globalization or westernization is a different thing, a phenomena that humans have not ever knowledgeable in the great us living together. This breaks every conventions since it has never been performed before, just like how this poem, having its free verse and unusual paragraphing, breaks all events of a typical poem. 5. В В В В В В В The whole composition is in English. This entirely contradicts the fact that she actually is ranting regarding the change in culture and language as well as the horrible associated with the something-ization when the girl with speaking...

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