Gen Sumado a in the Staff Case Study Analysis

 Essay in Gen Y in the Labor force Case Study Examination


In Style Y inside the Workforce, the subject or topic would be Era X compared to Generation Y. Generation X is more self reliant, impartial and technical adept, where as Generation Sumado a is positive, determined, comfortable, and keen. Key Problems

In Style Y in the Workforce, we all saw that Sarah did not give her employee Josh any actual feedback. Was it mainly because she anticipated more from him, or was it since she thought it would be deemed babysitting. Just like many Generation Yers, Josh wants to understand that his operate is significant and have suggestions into big decisions. He also demands constructive responses about his suggestions. Since Sarah was not giving him the opinions he believed he would obtain he bypassed her and went to the CEO Mike Smithstone. The CEO was very pleased and was looking forward to seeing what his concepts were in the meeting. Josh's ideas were good kinds but this individual wasn't supplying enough information to support and possess that having been serious. Dorothy is more " old school” and Josh is more " new school”. Sarah Bennett believes in setting up your time before expecting acknowledgement and marketing promotions while, Josh Lewis is a hurry to determine his ideas implemented and get into a much more senior placement at Rising Entertainment.


Throughout the case, it appears like Sarah was dismissing Josh's ideas. When he spoke with her in the office she simply said " Almost all great items but the budget is definitely soft right now”. Sarah and Josh lack interaction. In Josh's mind technology is a better way to communicate with people. Instead of going to Sarah to talk about what is annoying him he goes to his coworkers. Josh felt that Sarah did not understand him or his ideas. This individual felt like " Sarah just don't get it”.

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