International Organization

 Essay on International Organization

International Business, 14e (Daniels et al. )

Phase 2 The Cultural Surroundings Facing Business

1) ________ consists of specific learned rules based on thinking, values, and beliefs of any group of people. A) Ethnology

B) Civilization

C) Culture

D) Doctrine

Solution: C

Difference: 1

Skill: Concept

Objective: 1

AACSB: Multicultural and variety understanding

2) Which of the following is definitely NOT true about cultural variety? A) Businesses may gain competitive positive aspects by bringing together people of diverse backgrounds. B) Social diversity is most successful the moment domestic and foreign businesses establish joint ventures. C) Cultural variety may help a firm gain much deeper knowledge about products and services. D) The process of bringing persons of different national cultures with each other is often difficult. Answer: W

Diff: 3

Learning Final result: Explain how differences in culture affect the foreign business environment Skill: Principle

Objective: 1

AACSB: Modern and diversity understanding

3) Individuals can be arranged or classified in many ways, just like on the basis of nationality, ethnicity, religion, profession, and income level, ________. A) people live in a state of cultural crash

B) ethnical studies do not understand behaviors

C) personality crises help to make individual's lives chaotic

D) people have more than one cultural group membership

Response: D

Diff: 2

Skill: Concept

Goal: 1

AACSB: Multicultural and diversity understanding

4) When divergent cultures come in contact, ________ takes place. A) power distance

B) culture impact

C) cultural collision

D) group account

Answer: C

Diff: one particular

Skill: Principle

Objective: 1

AACSB: Modern and diversity understanding

5) Which in turn of the next best explains a result of ethnical collision in international organization? A) An organization implements procedures that are ineffectve than designed. B) Community employees are overlooked to get promotions simply by home country managers. C) Expatriate managers count too heavily on community employees to get negotiating organization deals. D) Foreign and domestic companies make changes for the local culture and legal environment. Answer: A

Diff: a few

Learning Final result: Explain how differences in culture affect the worldwide business environment Skill: App

Objective: 1

AACSB: Multicultural and diversity understanding

6) Which in turn of the subsequent is the most appropriate statement about culture? A) Cultural parameters can easily be separated from other elements such as economical and law and order situations. B) Though most ethnic variables happen to be universal, the forms these kinds of variables have differ from culture to lifestyle. C) Many cultural factors are succinct, pithy and can conveniently be motivated by environmental factors. D) Within a lifestyle, everyone responds to particular cultural factors the same way. Response: B

Difference: 3

Skill: Concept

Aim: 1

AACSB: Multicultural and diversity understanding

7) Businesspeople aiming to understand even more about another culture in order to successfully conduct business inside that traditions would be best advised to do which usually of the pursuing? A) observing the behavior of people who have received respect inside that social environment B) relying on stereotypes, which are depending on averages, to find an understanding in the culture C) avoiding cultural research studies mainly because they perpetuate unjustified stereotypes and behaviours D) learning the ethnical variations which might be typically found in a certain cultural environment Answer: A

Diff: a couple of

Learning Outcome: Explain just how differences in lifestyle affect the foreign business environment Skill: Application

Objective: you

AACSB: Modern and diversity understanding

8) Which in turn of the subsequent is a common disadvantage of research examining tradition in different countries and areas? A) Ethnicities are static, which leads experts to bring false conclusions from outdated data. B) It is difficult to assess...

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