Problem and Bill Street

 Question and William Road Essay

‘An individual may well feel a powerful connection to environmental surroundings which shows their thoughts about people, areas and the universe. ' ‘William Street' and ‘The First Born' are both based on the bond to the environment. ‘William Street' focuses on Kenneth Slessors link with the metropolitan environment and its energetic ambiance. ‘The First Born' concentrates on the Aboriginals and their link with the terrain. In Bill Street Kenneth Slessor points out his appreciate for one streets. He uses repetition through the entire poem to explain his appreciate. ‘You find this unattractive, I find it lovely'. It explains that even though millions of people find this street ugly but he finds are in the smell, feel and the atmosphere. He also uses visual images and biblical allusion to describe his love for this avenue. ‘Ghost pants, like the hang of hung men'. He uses visual imagery to develop what looks likes spirits " dangling” in the pants to explain the men in financial dept. ‘Grease that blesses onions with a hiss. ' He uses biblical allusion to refer to the fast food – the smell that encompasses the region that entices you. The ‘hiss' from the onions identifies a fish as a tempter – just as Adam and Eve. Inside the First Born Jack port Davis explains the connection for the land by Aboriginal persons. He uses personification to personify the land. ‘They came out of my own womb lengthy, long ago. ' The word womb personifies the way the people are coupled to the land; they will feel like the land is their mom. He as well uses a rhetorical question. ‘Where are the laws and the legends I offered? ' The ‘land' is usually asking in which has anything disappeared to after the Western european people arrived and transformed and the rules and regulations.

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