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 Lab record: Extraction Composition

Laboratory report pertaining to Experiment #2: Extraction

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Title: Research #2: Extraction

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Considered out a few. 2568 grms of substance mixture that was yellowish in color.

Dissolved dried chemicals in 38 milliliters CH2Cl2 with gentle heating system. Poured the yellow solution into sep funnel. Added 10 cubic centimeters CH2Cl2 to flask to wash, poured solution into sep funnel. Added 15 milliliters 3 Meters HCl, gently mixed and vented (saw bubbles during mixing, observed the advancement of gas while venting). Allowed layers to separate. Uppr layer established to be aqueous by thickness: lower layer removed. Higher layer placed into separate flask labeled " A” for acid draw out. Lower level placed into sep. funnel and reextracted with 15 ml 3 Meters HCl. Put together aqueous tiers in flask A

Reextracted CH2Cl2 layer containg chemical substances with 15 ml several M NaOH. Upper level in flask labeled " B” for base draw out. Re-extract organic layer with 15 milliliters 3M NaOH. Combined basic extracted components in flask " B”. Saw bubbles during mixing, heard the evolution of gas when venting.

Dried organic layer with anhyd. Na2SO4 until free of charge flowing salt was seen (about 3 grams). Filtered the organic and natural solution to a tared 75 ml round-bottom flask. Rinsed flask and funnel with 10 milliliters of CH2Cl2 and rotovaped off outstanding solvent and weighed flask. The biphenyl obtained was white in color and was like a powder.

Weight of flask and biphenyl = 106. 1784 g

Weight of empty flask = 104. 7368 g

Weight of recovered biphenyl = 1 . 4416

Cooled flask A in a water bath. Added 18 ml 6 M NaOH and pH analyzed. Still acidic, litmus daily news was reddish. Added 1 . 5 cubic centimeters more six M NaOH; and the alkaline solution became cloudy and pH paper turned blue. Yellow crystals were seen to form. Cooled in ice bathroom for 21 minutes. Accumulated p-nitroaniline (yellow crystals)using vacuum filtration. Washed with frosty water and...

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