Leason Plan Paper

 Leason Plan Paper

Carlos Mercer

Lesson Policy for the air travel reservation agent.


Flight Reservation Agents book individuals on planned airline routes. Their simply contact with clients is over the telephone. Airline Booking Agents deal with passengers personally. In addition in order to and confirming reservations, all their responsibilities incorporate issuing entry pass, handling obligations, and carrying out a variety of additional tasks. Every agent will probably be given a training manual to peruse through while teaching is being educated. End to train every agent will be analyzed on material and should have a moving score of 85 or more.

Day one particular

8: 00am-5: 00pm. Lunchtime 12: 00pm-1: 00pm. Fails when needed.

Concerns Agents work on large central offices. Putting on headsets and seated at computer terminals, they take newly arriving calls on a rotating basis from a large geographic region. After determining where so when the customer would like to fly, brokers type the required information and codes using the pc terminal key pad. The browsing screen above the keyboard quickly indicates the room available, the flight numbers, and prices. During Day time 1 training the brokers will gain the product knowledge and abilities needed to study, plan and book air travel. They will learn air fare conditions, codes, cost construction guidelines and service application guidelines necessary to locate, interpret and apply the cheapest applicable fare to the consumer and control air schedule. The agents will become experienced in the software systems utilized by airlines and gain abilities of interpretation fare quotation displays and rule displays, pricing and ticketing.

Day 2

eight: 00am-5: 00pm. Lunch doze: 00pm-1: 00pm. Breaks when needed.

As a rule, tasks are spun, with brokers either offering behind the ticket countertop or with the boarding gateway. At the ticket counter, agents make and confirm bookings using the same equipment and procedures while those used by Reservations Real estate agents. In addition , that they issue tickets, by pc or manually ,,...

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