Promoting $100 Laptop computer Case Study

 Marketing 100 Laptop Case Study Essay


1 ) Why do Negroponte do what this individual did? So why was this kind of necessary? (Explain his determination and the elements surrounding the genesis from the One Notebook computer Per Kid (OLPC)

•After seeing the energy off laptops firsthand in Cambodia, Negroponte decided to create an affordable unit for use in the developing world. He wanted to create educational opportunities intended for the world's poorest kids by providing every single child using a low cost notebook computer. This laptop may have educational software program to provide kid's with in any other case unavailable technological learning options.

2 . What were the main marketing issues and the non-marketing challenges confronting (OLPC)? (Discuss the issues associated with the product and concept plus the situational and social elements affecting it).

Marketing Obstacle:

•Marketing a low-cost, light and portable laptop appeared contradiction to recent products that are light and ultra-thin that were typically more expensive and harder to manufacture.

•Most children employing $100 laptop would not possess ready use of electricity

•Consumers criticizing OLPC for discounting the value of educator training and curriculum advancement using the device.

•Governments choosing out to place its methods toward classic method of education

•Prices to get the OLPC doesn't seem to stay at $100 creating different " price floats”

•Competition just like Intel releasing it very own cheaper notebook computer targeting developing nations too. Offering improved capabilities and the ability to run version of Linux or perhaps Window 7

several. How very well have they required for overcoming these types of challenges? (What decisions were made to help deal with the issues the OLPC faced? )

OLPC overrode some of the problems by:

•Keeping laptop for low-cost by simply outsourcing difficulties design operate and crucial part of the operating systems to different countries.

•Due towards the lack of electricity for these third world countries, OLPC design their particular product to work simply by...

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