Modernization Essay

Future of Modernization

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Modernization is actually a worldwide trend, which is directly linked to whether a society is developing. Rich communities like the United states of america enjoy modernization to the fullest whereas, lesser societies like certain countries in Africa struggle just to meet basic life requirements. According to Macionis (2006), " Philip Berger determined four main characteristics of modernization: (1) The decline of small , and traditional neighborhoods (2) The expansion of personal choice (3) Increasing sociable diversity, and (4) Alignment toward the future and an increasing awareness of time”. Modernization can produce many fulfilling results, on the other hand, according a lot of theorist can be detrimental to selected societies.

With modernization comes the fall of small , traditional neighborhoods the footing to this can be, that the once solidarity and meaning societies experience is usually weakened if not destroyed all together. For hundreds of years, before the industrial revolutions people lived in country villages distributed throughout the area. These communities revolved about family and neighbors, and valued traditions, each individual had a well-defined roll, a solid sense of identity, belonging and goal. Although, drawback to life in these rural village's people experienced limited personal choice in what they can do (2006). According to Andras and Charlton (2003), these when traditional societies acted " like a pyramid of top-down authority, a modern society is somewhat more like a variety held collectively by the concrete of mutual inter-dependence”.

Philip Berger's second characteristic of modernization; the expansion of personal choice allows people in these modern communities to live their particular life with an neverending series of choices. Whereas, people in societies whom occupied pre-industrial time, believed that their lives where shaped and controlled by causes beyond individual control, including god, mood or simply fortune. In a modernization society...

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