Review in Accounting Memorandum

 Review in Accounting Memorandum Essay


Accounting Idiota Review


July 28, 2015

School of Phoenix

Accounting Tonto Review

Once I finished reviewing the Accounting Idiota sent to Toby and team mates. I came across several items which need to be transformed in order to be re-directed to the Main Financial Police officer. This idiota was created very simple since this was directed to a fellow crew mate. Most formal way of communication have to write out the whole word. In this instance the word idiota was abbreviated instead of writing out memorandum. There is no decrease and always make use of complete content. Rewording the memorandum and reorganizing the text will make a more complete and definitely will cost zero confusion to the reader. Model, for this memo, " We all will have a gathering this Wed to discuss the past In/First Away versus 1st In/First Away methods and the cost of items. The Chief Economic Officer will need to present these details to the company's president and board afterwards this month. ” Now the second paragraph may start by declaring, " To be able to continue reducing our federal and state taxes we recommend to continue with the use of LIFO. This way we are able to avoid reaching to any inflationary economic issues. The short-hand once again are being used with P& L. The complete word Profit & Reduction Statements needs to be written out in order to avoid confusion. The two bullet items are incorrect as observed. We could change both bullet points by causing to two total sentences. Last paragraph does not have relation to the entire memorandum. It is not necessary to talk about others that do not have any relation to our concerns. This memo was written with out taking into consideration the viewers. Memorandums weather conditions informal or formal should be written in a professional format. This is no matter who the audience might be. Often memorandums happen to be sending as a group, be it natural or processed message which could contain coworkers, top level managers or even the CFO and the business president.

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