Tests a Theroy

 Testing a Theroy Dissertation

Tests a Theory

John Padgett


Sept 8, 2012

Marilyn Tragique, PH. Deb.

Testing a Theory

I have under no circumstances had the chance to test a theory formally, but I did so test my very own theory with what my six year old daughter will watch on the tv in the evenings getting into my own very little experiment. The research method was similar to the Naturalistic observation. When she is done with her groundwork my wife and I is going to let her sit down watching a couple of hours of television of her own choosing. She'd either enjoy television in her own room exclusively or with us as a relatives watching what she decided to go with downstairs jointly. I found that after she was with us she'd choose a program that was a sitcom show, such as " Good Luck Charlie " within the Disney funnel. When she was alone in her room the girl almost always will choose a toon channel watching her favorite cartoon show. I would supply the fact that the lady could watch cartoons with us as a relatives, but the girl always will watch her cartoons alone in her room. My experiment was going to see if she would watch cartoons with my wife and I in our living room space and she could only watch a sitcom show around or a educational show like " Plug Hanna's Zoo” show, never a kids cartoon with me at night or the partner. I would always be certain it was her natural environment and her choice; We never tried to sway her choice and kept everything I could while natural since it always was. My wife was surprised about what we found and your woman still today will only view grown-up like shows with mom and dad. I don't think I could do anything distinct, without changing the environment of maybe one of us choosing what she would watch but that would change the circumstances and alter the outcome to my theory.

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